inside out

Inside_Out_2015_film_posterever wanted to take a trip inside your brain or maybe someone else’s limbic system, perhaps hang out with all the troublemakers in your subconscious, avoid powerful metaphors for repression, venture off into abstract thinking with your long lost imaginary friend in imagination land, but also hoping you would never lose your train of thought ? well, wish no more…

pixar will have your attention and Inside Out will set your mind spinning, with you staring at a screen while juggling with your feelings, mapping out your brain and filling it with melancholy, sadness and curiosity dressed in bright pixar colors that have auras of their own. there are no words to describe how easy you will find joy in the sadness of a heart-melting animation designed for kids, but amazingly well fitted and suitable for all the adults in this world… but maybe i can come up with one ‘short’ word: LAVA.


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