Minions mini review


still not sure about a new hot spot, maybe exciting place where you can take a nap or maybe hang out undisturbed and check your phone for all social media updates for a soothing 91 minutes ? don’t worry… there’s a new movie in town that features a bunch of characters whose yellow cuteness has been squeezed to a pulp so as to milk as much high value protein of that aforementioned cuteness juice and produce a feature 91 minutes length film rich in all elements needed to quench the world-wide Minions frenzy.

yet again i find myself in a position where i have to reiterate that following those Minions for 91 minutes, along with their speech impediments, was most troublesome. a thing at all laborious, when remembering that in the “speech impediment” department, it was WALL•E that shined so bright and beautifully. one cannot dodge the “what if i watched Wall-E again ?”, what if i did stay at home and enjoyed, all over again, all the silence and music of a story that in terms of animation and of course compared to everything shown in Minions, can proudly receive the high rank of “magnum opus”.

the futility of trying to go out on a high note at the end of those seemingly unending 91 minutes is translated in one obvious challenge that the spectator must fully accept and take on consciously before buying a ticket. just like eating tooo many BA-NA-NAS, at one point (myself, 6 minutes into the movie) you’re bound to feel so nauseous that you pu-ke yo-ur gu-ts o-u-t with yellow cuteness. and since quality and creativity are not requisite or mandatory for the 5 year old target audience, the producers of Minions choose to go full scale BIG, turning this idea into a giant clone of a minion: too cute, too stupid and 90% so not funny.


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