Ant Man mini review

Screen-Shot-2015-04-13-at-9.13.08-AMyou don’t need a microscope to see the big problems in Ant Man. it all started with Marvel taking Edgar Wright’s directorial chair from under him. leftover pieces from an Edgar Wright script are glued together with the talent and skill of a 4 year old story teller into a superhero heist film experiment. the uncertainty of the newly polished script by writers and directors whose names are not even worth mentioning is leaking and dripping in almost every scene. with the exception of a few that hold the Edgar Wright stamp all over.

that one brief moment when the film boldly goes sub atomic, taking us on a marvelous scientific visual journey to a quantum micro-universe far far away, literally saves Ant Man from being a complete waste of time, space and money. smaller and funnier, but the hard fact is that Marvel strives so hard to mix up the particles that comprise Ant Man into something that my end up being worthy of a sequel, that the result of this shrinking experiment proves to be a monumental failure. Marvel’s Ant Man needed more Scott Pilgrim and less Scott Lang. This question mark superhero is just a cinematic smudge, a visual phlegm that you can scrape off your boot on the first sidewalk you run into.


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