Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation mini review

Mission-Impossible-Rogue-Nation-postershould you choose to accept this new mission, remember this: Tom Cruise is 53 years old. he’s got no business hanging on to the door of a plane in mid air. but he does. kudos for that!

i couldn’t care less about his life choices, religion, sexual orientation, beliefs, planet, solar system or galaxy of birth and whatnot. the man’s got some giant ass balls. i’ve always appreciated an actor that goes all out for his role and puts himself in ludicrous situations with no green screen and CGI bullshit to back him up.

one more thing we like about Tom is that he loves surrounding himself with powerful women. and since we enjoyed Mad Max 4 : Fury Road so much this year, watching bad ass girls kicking all kinds of ass all over again, it’s impossible not to fall head over heals for Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) looking all noir Lauren Bacall, as if having left the 40’s silver screen and travelled through time, into the future, turning into this yummy killer lady doing headlocks left and right.

CIA, IMF, bla bla bla, get the list, get the disk, kill them all, jump this high, ride or die, shooow me the money, shoot some guns, trick or treat… seen them all. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is incredibly well paced, and even if it has too much of the same, the stunt work living in the real world is both tangible and plausible. but in this case you get it from the edge of you seat. and while you’re busy fixated on a bike chase at ridiculous speeds, you start wondering… “if he’s not wearing a helmet, can i have it ?”


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