Southpaw mini review

southpaw-poster-2-digitalstudies have shown that all subjects belonging to any type of intelligent species will exhibit a strong urge and preference to sensory processing sensitivity, that in some cases can be set off by the story of a spectacular individual who comes up from the slums into fame and fortune, falls right back in, only to rise yet again.

both Jake Gyllenhaal‘s performance and his genetically engineered abs certainly won’t earn him an Oscar nomination for Southpaw. that nomination flew right out the window with that riveting and disconcerting portrayal of the devil incarnate in the Nightcrawler Movie. there might be hope for Oona Laurence, the little girl playing the daughter, who displays a whole lot of maturity and acting skills than all of the characters combined.

also… don’t know whether to laugh at Eminem and his new song full of gibberish or yet another sports movie that can’t escape the firm grip of sports movie montages. you can’t borrow from Scorsese and then do a sports montage. in this day’s age, you just can’t pull that off and get away with it.

as for the film per se, how many times must Hollywood inject emotional steroids into the boxing drama serum ? Sylvester Stallone alone made about a 1000 of those boxing films. in fact i’ve seen more boxing dramas than i’ve had ice creams in my entire life. and i love ice cream. i’ve had ice cream like a gazillion times.


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