Trainwreck mini review

trainwreckno amount of famous cameos or even a star spangled cast will saveTrainwreck from being a complete mess. did it make me laugh ? bien sûr! but that’s the problem for a rom-com that was built on the skeleton of a few stand up jokes that puts up a big flashy sign ‘women vs. men relationships’.

i like Amy Schumer, i really do. sometimes, definitely not as much as Aubrey Plaza. but Amy’s “i will bite your cock off, chew it and then spit it in your face” type of humor is the stubbornly persistent illusion she creates for herself and Judd Apatow, that this will indeed suffice. this is not Comedy Central, and this is not one of her short gags for laughs musical dance offs where we can pretend “well that ending didn’t just happen”. when the blooper reel and outtakes are funnier than the movie, that’s saying something about the movie. a lot actually.

Trainwreck proves to be one of those very difficult tests where all viewers sit through the dirty jokes but can’t accurately assess their own level of fatigue. this so called ability to stay focused and not lose interest by grabbing your phone and swiping left, right, up or down and the ability to self-assess what you are watching becomes increasingly impaired as you get even more fatigued. however the self-confidence in this ability remains.

nevertheless, these are some of the warning signs to look out for:

✘ trouble focussing,
✘ the narrowing of attention by striking up a Trivia conversation about all things pop culture with whomever seems interested,
✘ playing with your hair or someone else’s,
✘ head nodding, or the inability to keep one or both eyes open,
✘ not remembering the last few lines or minutes,
✘ zoning out… that’s a strong one,
✘ the usual and constant daydreaming and wandering thoughts.
✘ other symptoms might include constant yawning or rubbing your eyes.

Judd Apatow hasn’t been funny since Funny People and his credit to the script is as funny as his stand up comedy… as in very much so NOT. but Amy’s carrying the weight of her first dip in the Hollywood pool. hope she does better next time.


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