Sicario mini review


now is not the time to jump to conclusions or make any rash statements. although everyone seems to be hooked up on the Sicario sugar like kids on Halloween, i want to relieve everyone of the epistemic innocence of a motivated delusion that that this is the best film of the year. it may very well be close to, but that title sits all dried up in the desert, in the hands of Mad Max: Furiosa Road… yes, i’m still calling it that.

having said that, Sicario is the modern tale of the everlasting American war on drugs with a side dish of reality and no Hollywood appetizers to fill your stomach to a full. and that’s the best part. it builds up so slow, almost boringly deceiving, populating the screen with such artistic aerial shots that will make filmmakers think 8 times before ever shooting wide angles again.

the few times Benicio Del Toro opens his mouth, is enough to skyrocket our interest for this particular character cut from the acid drenched cloth. his pacing is slow and silent, like a camouflaged battered alpha lion hunting down over confident hyenas. there’s something about the way he holds a gun that reminds us of a brain surgeon who’s about to do something very bad.

Sicario has a few tricks up its sleeve, trying to make us unwind with Josh Brolin’s comic relief inputs or root for a tough but decomposing Emily Blunt, when all it concerns itself with is letting del Toro paint a masterpiece performance that has already triggered a sequel to Sicario. good ? bad ? can’t really tell, don’t really care, but now i know he is the right choice for the main villain in Star Wars – Episode VIII.

when that soundtrack kicks in, you start looking for a seatbelt, only to find out there is none. even the shootouts are orchestrated like a concerto grosso in D(eath) minor. and then, when you least expect, the film pops a big vein, disguised as a soundtrack that should belong in a Batman movie.

there’s nothing i can say that won’t give away the simplistic plot of Sicario. the one thing that Sicario is not, is intricate. drug cartels, lots of coke, corrupt cops, guns and shit, and then that shit goes haywire. ok, maybe there are a few, but there’s one more thing i can say about the execution of the Sicario master plan that turned it into one of the most enjoyable movies this year… and that’s the fact that the film has a very distinctive Michahel Mann look and feel and not Dennis Villeneuve, although credit to the latter. but that’s not the point. i’m sure that Michael Mann watched the movie and got all nostalgic about the times when he used to be make films like Collateral. what happened to you “Mann” ?


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