Black Mass mini-revieew

johnny-depp-black-mass-unrecognizable-as-gangster-ftrThere’s a rumor floating around Hollywood that Johnny Depp might be making circles around a Godfather remake. That right there, along with the ever growing rumor of a Scarface remake, are the most obvious signs that the crime drama genre has just hit rock-bottom.

Black Mass is yet another poor attempt to resuscitate the gangster films breed back to life. Does the world really need another anti-hero gangster to worship on the big screen ? It’s not the story or the incredible boring pace of the film that makes Black Mass untouchable and unwatchable, it’s that idiotic and irritating delusion of those involved in the making of this film, that Johnny Depp’s personal signature acting style will somehow steal the hearts and the wallets of everyone wanting to see him do what he did with his Jack Sparrow character in those Caribbean vacations.

Like so many films before, Black Mass dabbles the same feeble cinematic construct, trying to hide huge inconsistencies behind lots of make up and in this case – prosthetics. I didn’t mind Depp’s prosthetic performance, but in its appalling entirety, the film is as natural as Johnny Depp’s never aging prosthetic.


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