Mad Max: Furious Road mini review

just in time for the Oscars … watched it again … forgot about my mini-review:


I’ve never indulged myself in that crazed enthusiasm depicted in the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max… for all i knew, Fury Road could’ve just been a post apocalyptic Fast & Furious fart.
Mad Max: Fury Road, a beast to be reckoned with, or as it will now be officially called… judge, jury and executioner for the future of what we will, from now on, be fearful of calling “action films”, was born in an age where superheroes rule the skies and the box office, but somehow still manages to quench the thirst of many that have wandered off or gazed for far too long into a mind-numingly desert of mediocre ‘action’ productions. It is them that have awaited for such a sublime symphony of mayhem through roaring sounds and gruesome images to actually make sense for a change and not make us scratch our heads with confusion, boredom and complete lack of interest.

While i do recognize Hardy’s tonic portrayal of Mad Max, it is Charlize Theron’s -bad to the motherfucking bone- Imperator Furiosa that delivers the decisive deathblow to end the misery of all women performers considered too weak to play bad ass characters and lead a movie on their own.

As for the mastermind behind this colourful madness, i can only say there is but only one Mad Max here, and his name is George Miller.

some food for thought… how come Tom Hardy’s grunts and groans seem more artistic than the ones displayed by Vin Diesel ?


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