Logan – mini review

how does one 11 year old Dafnee Keen manage to command the entire screen with her silence ? her almost unnatural talent throughout the entire film can only be equaled by her bad ass slice and dice rage frenzy that renders all those walking pieces of meat called “bad guys” into soon to be brutally and savagely amputated opponents begging to be cut deep open and turned into meat grinder leftovers mush, thus even Logan, The Wolverine himself ( and not only ) ends up prancing around the big screen looking like a 2nd hand supporting character trying to steal as many scenes from this incredible kid who just won’t stop being awesome and awe inspiring.

** later edit:  i can say without any trace of a doubt that not even The Titanic can beat the emotional ending of Logan. i didn’t see the ending of Logan being planned and teased one movie ago, in The Wolverine, in one petit scene.



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